Almost everyone gets tartar. Once formed, you cannot remove tartar yourself by brushing your teeth. You need to go to your dental hygienist or dentist who will scrape it off using special tools.

Plaque is film of bacteria that forms on your teeth

If it remains on your teeth it combines with the various calcium salts in your saliva. This mixture hardens quickly and becomes tartar.

Over time, tartar can cause periodontitis and dental caries. It’s important to remove tartar in good time. Otherwise it can cause gingivitis and periodontitis.

When tartar covers the edge of your gums you will not be able to clean them properly. Then your gums can become inflamed, creating deep pockets in which bacteria multiply and attack the bone and damage the tissue holding your teeth in place.

Eventually this leads to the loss of teeth. Don’t let it go that far. Brush your teeth thoroughly, keep the areas between your teeth clean and visit City Dental’s capable dental hygienists, who will help you get rid of tartar.