City Dental continuously strives to maintain the highest levels of quality.

Part of our day-to-day work is quality assurance

A group of elected dentists perform periodic inspections of all of the dental care planned and undertaken at the clinic. In addition, City Dental actively carries on extensive quality work with regard to equipment, material, the environment, hygiene and sterility.
For example, all products that we use and purchase carry a clear list of ingredients, are fully traceable and are CE marked. Sterilisation is also fully traceable, and is carried out using a programme that, among other things, monitors handling, sterilisation date, temperature, humidity and who performed sterilisation.


From the very start, management took care to ensure that the practice maintained a state-of-the-art level of equipment and technology. We therefore keep up-to-date with the latest know-how, technology and equipment. Using modern expertise and equipment, the finest quality of care can be achieved.


City Dental also has a patient advisory committee. Patients can go to this body with their questions or feedback.