New teeth

Using modern equipment at City Dental, we can manufacture your crown or bridge in one day.

We use an advanced 3D camera that photographs the relevant area of your mouth, creating a vectorised model of the area where your new tooth or bridge will be inserted. This technique means that you do not have to have a plastic material put into your mouth to make an impression. The photography only takes a few seconds and creates a perfect digital imprint, which is sent to the dental laboratory with the push of a button.

In the lab, the file is opened by our technicians who, with the help of advanced 3D design, can immediately create a perfectly tailored porcelain crown or bridge. When the design has been completed, this information is sent to our CAD/CAM milling machine. A porcelain crown can be produced in 20 minutes, which means that in many cases the whole treatment can be carried out in one appointment.

Dental implants

At City Dental, we offer different implant systems that best suit each individual patient. If you have lost a tooth, an implant is the best option, because it is permanent and acts like a natural tooth. The aesthetic aspect is also very important, teeth should look and feel as natural as possible.

Implant treatment consist of two parts, first surgical then prosthetic. At City Dental, we perform both parts of the treatment. Dental technicians at the clinic make the new teeth based on 3D photos taken after surgery. Inserting a dental implant takes a bit of time, but once they are in place it is like having your own natural teeth again.


If you have discoloured teeth, gaps or ugly fillings, a veneer could be the solution. A veneer is custom structured to your teeth, and results are often very good.


If a tooth has been suffered significant damage, or if a large part of the original dental crown has been lost, a new crown is usually the best option.

The existing tooth is ground to shape to support the new crown. If only a small piece of the original tooth is left, this can be extended using a pin onto which the crown can be secured.

The patient and dentists consult on a suitable colour for the tooth, then an impression is taken and sent to the dental technicians at City Dental. The dental technicians then produce a crown that matches the rest of your teeth.

Dental bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge may be the solution. A dental bridge can cover anything from two teeth to an entire upper or lower set of teeth.

If the adjacent teeth are healthy, they are used to anchor and support the bridge. Dental bridges can also be anchored in dental implants.

City Dental’s technicians manufacture bridges so that they look like your natural teeth.