You can see our price list below. After you have had an examination, your dentist will give you a quote. Use this quote to compare the prices of other dental clinics.

Our prices

A new dental care subsidy was introduced on 1st January 2019. Everyone, from the year you turn 24, receives a dental care subsidy. This subsidy consists of a dental care allowance plus high-cost protection. Adults receive a dental allowance that is valid for two years at a time.

The size of the allowance depends on how old you are:

  • If you are aged 24-29, the dental allowance is SEK 1200 for two years
  • If you are aged 30-64, the dental allowance is SEK 600 for two years
  • If you are aged 65+, the dental allowance is SEK 1200 for two years

Reimbursement by Försäkringskassan (the Social Insurance Agency) is determined on the basis of a national reference price list. A reimbursement period may not exceed 12 months.

  • For dental care up to SEK 3,000 you pay full price (applies to adults).
  • For dental care of SEK 3,001-15,000, you will be reimbursed for 50 percent of the cost.
  • For dental care over SEK 15,000, you will be reimbursed for 85 percent of the cost.

However, not all dental care is eligible for reimbursement. For example, no reimbursement is made for a crown on molars or for root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth. Cosmetic dental care, such as tooth whitening, is paid for entirely by the patient, as is scaling and polishing.

You will always receive a quotation before we start your treatment. You can use this to compare prices from other dental clinics.

We reserve the right to make changes.

All emergency visits are charged with a one-time fee of 500 SEK in addition to the emergency examination and any treatment costs incurred during the same visit.

Landstinget’s dental care subsidy

Patients with certain illnesses are also entitled to the new dental care subsidy from Landstinget (the County Council).

The new dental care subsidy from Landstinget is for anyone with one of the eleven diseases covered. With this dental care subsidy, you pay the same fee as for a visit to the doctor. To be eligible for the dental care subsidy, you need a special certificate, an F card, that you must show your dentist.

You pay the same fee as for a visit to the doctor with the dental care subsidy, and the appointment is covered by Landstinget’s high-cost healthcare protection.

The dental care subsidy includes basic dental care; this covers all dental treatment except major interventions such as crowns, porcelain inserts, bridges and implants.

You are entitled to the dental care subsidy if you have been diagnosed with any of the following:

  • A severe intellectual impairment
  • Parkinson’ s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis, MS
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  • Scleroderma (a rare rheumatic condition)
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS
  • An orofacial disability
  • Symptoms that persist six months following a stroke
  • A rare diagnosis
101Basic examination and diagnostics, performed by dentists749 SEK
103Supplementary or emergency examination, performed by a dentist485 SEK
107Comprehensive emergency or supplementary examination, performed by a dentist1 195 SEK
107:aKIMP/Implant consultation850 SEK
108Investigation including examination, performed by a dentist2 454 SEK
114Complete periodontal examination or in-depth caries investigation, carried out by hygienist645 SEK
121X-ray examination of a single tooth85 SEK
123X-ray examination, intraoral full status930 SEK
124Panoramic X-ray examination675 SEK
125X-ray examination, extraoral for cephalometric analysis620 SEK
126X-ray examination, comprehensive (Full status + Panoramic X-ray)1 145 SEK
128X-ray examination, major part status390 SEK
131Tomography examination, one quadrant2 200 SEK
132Tomography examination, two quadrants2 500 SEK
133Tomography examination, three quadrants, sinus, temporomandibular joint or trauma investigation2 900 SEK
134Tomography examination, four quadrants3 200 SEK
162Laboratory costs for microbiological examination700 SEK
163Biopsy and Laboratory Examination (PAD)1 200 SEK
401Tooth extraction, a tooth1 395 SEK
402Tooth extraction, when separation or exposure is required, a tooth2 050 SEK
403Tooth extraction, simple585 SEK
404Operative removal of one or more teeth or other tissue, per operation4 085 SEK
405Comprehensive dentoalveolar surgery5 220 SEK
501Cleaning and root filling, a root canal4 495 SEK
502Cleaning and root filling, two root canals5 165 SEK
503Cleaning and root filling, three root canals6 495 SEK
504Cleaning and root filling, four or more root canals7 030 SEK
521Acute trepanation and cavus extirpation1 390 SEK
522Canal localization in complicated root anatomy1 040 SEK
523Pin removal1 470 SEK
601Bite splint in HARD ACRYLATE in the upper jaw, performed on bite physiological indication4 385 SEK
602Bite splint in HARD ACRYLATE in the lower jaw, performed on bite physiology indication4 385 SEK
604SOFT bite splint for bite physiology treatment, per splint ÖK/UK2 415 SEK
701Filling a surface on a front tooth or canine tooth865 SEK
702Filling of two surfaces on a front tooth or canine tooth1 315 SEK
703Filling of three or more surfaces on front teeth or canines1 685 SEK
704Filling a surface on a molar or premolar1 080 SEK
705Filling of two surfaces on molars or premolars1 515 SEK
706Filling of three or more surfaces on molars or premolars1 870 SEK
707Crown in plastic material, clinic-made2 250 SEK
708Pin anchoring in the root canal during filling therapy, additional measure795 SEK
800Permanent tooth-supported crown, one per jaw7 835 SEK
801Permanent tooth-supported crown, several in the same jaw6 080 SEK
802Laboratory-made abutment with intraradicular post3 620 SEK
803Clinic-made abutment with intraradicular pin1 715 SEK
804Suspension bridge link, per link2 750 SEK
805Enamel-retained construction, per support2 300 SEK
806Radicular anchorage for removable prosthesis3 910 SEK
807Semi-permanent crown/bridge, per joint3 970 SEK
808Inner crown for telescope and cone constructions3 785 SEK
809Long-term temporary laboratory-made crown or suspended joint, per joint1 205 SEK
811Cementation of loosened tooth-supported or implant-supported prosthetics780 SEK
822Partial denture for temporary use, one to three teeth4 275 SEK
823Partial denture for temporary use, four to seven teeth6 030 SEK
824Partial prosthesis with cast skeleton, anchored with staples13 480 SEK
825Complicated partial denture supported by socket crown, inner crown or attachment14 315 SEK
826Attachments, per piece, material800 SEK
827Full mandibular prosthesis10 880 SEK
828Complete upper jaw prosthesis10 335 SEK
829Immediate prosthesis, full jaw8 420 SEK
831Adjustment of removable prosthesis425 SEK
832Repair of prosthesis and/or addition of protestand1 495 SEK
833Rebasing of prosthesis2 880 SEK
834Repair of prosthesis where impression is required2 840 SEK
835Rebasing and repair of prosthesis3 660 SEK
Treatment by dental hygienist per treatmentfr. 700-1500 SEK
Home bleaching995 SEK
Airflow400 SEK